German startup offers a new option for entertaining passengers in cars

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German startup Holoride has developed mixed reality (XR) technology specifically designed to entertain taxi passengers, autonomous cars and children on long journeys..

German startup has offered a new option for entertaining passengers in cars

Holoride imaging and games track vehicle movements in real time, such as speed changes, turns, descents and ascents. This allows passengers not only to synchronize the process of entertainment with the trip, but also to combat motion sickness..

At the moment, content can be played using the standard XR headset, but soon the company plans to release its own kit that will allow developers to better unleash the capabilities of the new platform..

Holoride technology uses data from maps, navigation and current vehicle location. In the future, this list will be expanded by connecting to IoT devices, information systems of smart cities and nearby vehicles..

Several entertainment concepts are shown in the company’s video. In addition to visually changing the environment and gameplay, the system adds elements of interactivity stops or sudden changes in direction.


All project participants previously worked or still work at Audi, which licensed the technology. Developers expect huge demand for technology with the advent of self-driving cars. At the recent CES the product has become one of the most popular exhibits.

Another development that attracted a lot of attention at CES 2019 was the Elevate concept car. Hyundai, equipped not only with wheels, but also with robotic legs, with the help of which it will be able to walk on rough terrain at a speed of 5 km / h.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: Holoride

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