Created a program that sees the future

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Scientists from the University of Bonn have developed software that predicts events that will happen in a few minutes in the future..

The program first examines the typical sequences of events in certain systems. Then, based on the knowledge gained, he can accurately predict the future in completely new situations..

The researchers taught the program to identify the chef’s upcoming actions by showing her 4 hours of cooking videos. Then they showed the first 20–30% new videos. The robot successfully coped with the forecast in more than 40% of cases, but attempts to predict the future for more than 2 minutes were successful only in 15%. However, the forecast was considered correct if not only the actions, but also their time exactly coincided in it..

While it is not difficult for humans to make such predictions, it is a real achievement for a machine. The team of scientists believes it has succeeded because it has developed self-learning software that estimates the timing and duration of future actions with an accuracy of a few minutes. The researchers say this was the first step and they are working to improve the algorithm. It is planned that such programs will be integrated into robotics to help people in their daily life and professional activities..

Created a program that sees the future

Recall that AI has learned «represent» volumetric world based on ordinary images. 

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Pexels

Created a program that sees the future

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