BayernLB Bank predicts bitcoin rate growth to $ 90 thousand in 2020

5 Reasons I Bought Bitcoin

A new research report from the German bank Bayerische Landesbank compares the value of gold and bitcoin, and predicts a significant increase in the MTC exchange rate in 2020..

According to document, the effect of the upcoming halving was not taken into account in the current price of the coin, which is now at $ 8,300. The Bank of Munich explains this with an example of the history of gold..

Financiers point out that the precious metal has developed its high stock-to-flow ratio for millennia. Predicting that Bitcoin is likely to get a similar ratio in May next year after cutting miners’ rewards in half.

Manuel Andersch, Senior Currency Analyst at Bayerische Landesbank, calls this figure «rigidity of the asset». Since during the period when gold was used as money, this ratio provided the best transfer of value over time..

The report concludes by examining the potential for Bitcoin’s price and predicting a sharp jump. The author points out that based on the model of the ratio of reserves to flow, from May 2020 a dizzying price of $ 90 thousand has been formed.., insofar as upcoming halving hardly considered in the current course.

BayernLB Bank predicts bitcoin rate growth to $ 90 thousand in 2020

While this rate remains a forecast based on extrapolation, most investors hesitate build your portfolio on base of cryptocurrencies, and this summer still preferred gold over bitcoin.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: welt, graphic: BayernLB Research

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Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

WiFi (Wireless) Password Security – WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3, WPS Explained

Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a new security protocol called WPA3, which will strengthen the security of the connection and enable communication with smart gadgets without a screen. About it informs online edition «Actual news». 

According to the developers, the new standard takes into account all the modern realities of the digital world, and the device will provide users with a secure work even with a weak password. Added WPA-SAE algorithm, which improves connection security when third-party attempts to select the desired code sequence. Companies can use 192-bit encryption to securely transfer financial or other sensitive information. Additionally, it is possible to connect smart gadgets without a screen using the Easy Connect function.

Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

The process of transitioning to the new protocol will be gradual, and it will become mandatory only after sufficient dissemination. The existing standard has been in effect for 14 years and is outdated. Major manufacturers such as Philips, HP, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Huawei have announced protocol support.

Recall that the first blockchain state without territory began to issue passports.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Unsplash

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Samsung has developed a display that projects a three-dimensional hologram

Samsung has developed a display that projects a three-dimensional hologram

According to the patent application of the South Korean giant Samsung, the company has invented a device that projects a high-quality three-dimensional image into the surrounding space, which can be seen from any side..

The document says that the display uses a completely new type of spatial light modulator that removes the limitations of the viewing angle and provides high resolution hologram. According to patent description, the effect is achieved by several sets of flat microlens gratings that focus the light beams emitted from the display in the center, creating a 3D image projection in the air directly above the device.

Most of the existing holograms require a certain angle of view, such as still images on bank cards, and more advanced technologies that use laser projection are still very massive and cannot be placed in a portable device..

Samsung has previously reported on the development of related 3D holograms, but did not elaborate on the details. However, despite the data given in the description, some technical experts name statements companies with promises based only on laboratory tests.

Another tech giant, Intel, recently announced the development of a revolutionary type of transistor that consumes 30 times less power..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: USPTO / Samsung / Lets Go Digital, i1.ytimg

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Ethereum developers have found a way to scale the network up to 17 thousand transactions per second

Ethereum developers have found a way to scale the network up to 17 thousand transactions per second

Ethereum network researchers have presented a new solution called sidechain based on snark technology, which will allow the platform to process up to 17 thousand transactions per second, bringing its performance closer to Visa.

The snark-based sidechain concept allows you to process ether and token transactions outside the platform’s main network, which significantly increases its throughput. This model is similar to Plasma’s second level solution. Sidechain suggests that special operators are involved in closing transaction channels and transferring data about them to the Ethereum blockchain. In fact, users will perform operations within a smart contract..

The sidechain also provides ways to combat unscrupulous operators by punishing and replacing them. If such a situation arises, the data is returned to its original form, so the fraudster will not be able to steal funds and hold them for a long time..

Earlier, Vitalik Buterin said that the implementation of Plasma and Sharding solutions will create a synergistic effect that allows processing up to 1 million transactions per second. A snark-based sidechain can provide an additional 3000% efficiency gain. However, this takes time, now neither the network itself nor the decentralized applications based on it are ready to work with millions of users..

Ethereum developers have found a way to scale the network up to 17 thousand transactions per second

Another unique solution was presented by an amateur engineer from Colorado Springs, who created an electromagnetic combat rifle in his garage, which the US Army was already interested in and ordered the production of a prototype.

text: Sid Nietzsche, photo: shutterstock

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NASA begins development of self-healing spacesuits and vehicles that harvest energy from the atmosphere of Venus

Introducing Artemis Generation Spacesuits

Under the program «Innovative cutting-edge concepts» NASA has allocated up to $ 0.5 million to develop each of 18 revolutionary technology projects that will contribute to the exploration and exploration of space.

At first glance, the funded ideas look like excerpts from the plots of fantasy stories..

One of the projects involves the creation of a research mission descending to the surface of Venus. However, this is not an ordinary rover as it consists of two robotic devices. While the lander is conducting research, the second floats in the atmosphere, collecting energy, and then descends and distantly transmits it to a ground colleague. Such a concept will create a permanent source of energy for planetary missions and ensure long-term equipment operation..

Another project envisages development of a new type of spacesuit that will increase dexterity astronauts. It will be made of self-healing protective material, equipped with a host of sensors and soft robotics technologies. It would also solve the problem of the suitability and size of the spacesuits..

NASA begins development of self-healing spacesuits and vehicles that harvest energy from the atmosphere of Venus

Another interesting concept is based on the biology of spiders, which release cobwebs to catch the flow of wind. The project envisages the creation of tiny probes, weighing only 5 mg, which will work in large groups and can soar in the air of the studied planets. This will allow scientists to collect more data, as well as to better understand what the space bodies under study are made of and how..

Other projects include the creation of outposts on the moon, neutrino detectors, light sails and nuclear probes for deep space exploration..

Recently NASA also announced the successful completion of the tests helicopter, which in 2021 will start fly on the surface of Mars.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: topoboi

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The Chinese company announced the creation of a car that can travel 500 km on water

Brazil: This motorbike runs on WATER!

The Chinese company announced the creation of a car that can travel 500 km on water

The Chinese company Qingnian Cars presented a prototype of a vehicle that can travel from 300 to 500 km only on water.

During a demonstration of the car, Qingnian Cars CEO Peng Kyangnian explained that the engine runs on hydrogen, which is formed by a chemical reaction when a catalyst reacts with a mixture of aluminum powder and water. According to the description, the prototype can travel up to 500 km at 300-400 liters of H2O.

The automaker plans to recycle the reagents used in the process.

Peng Kyangnyan added that the cost of operating the transport and the production of new engines will not be high, but did not name the exact amount, citing trade secrets. Long-range test data are also not released..

Photo of Qingnian Cars prototype.

The Chinese company announced the creation of a car that can travel 500 km on water

Qingnian Cars has been developing a new technology together with scientists from Hubei University of Technology since 2006..  According to them, transport will be able to use ordinary water, which does not need to be exported, and by-products from the operation of the car do not pollute the environment..

Despite no open demonstration of the prototype, engineers have not yet talked about mass production, and some Chinese have called the development inconclusive due to the lack of evidence of successful long-distance travel..

Major car manufacturers are also gradually moving towards green technologies. By 2039, Mercedes-Benz plans to end sales of vehicles with a traditional combustion engine and fully switch to zero-emission models.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: autocentre, Baidu

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In the second quarter, the value of Bitcoin transactions exceeded $ 180 billion

Bitcoin transaction value exceeded $ 180 billion in the second quarter

According to The Block, in the second quarter of 2020, more than $ 180 billion or almost $ 2 billion of transactions were made on the bitcoin network every 24 hours..

The study showed that compared to the previous period, the level of commission for operations increased by 136%, and the exchange activity – by 3%. At the same time, there was an influx of cryptocurrency in the Lightning Network, as a result of which the capacity of the second tier network reached an annual maximum..

In the second quarter, the value of Bitcoin transactions exceeded $ 180 billion

The Block also notes that over the past 12 months, the number of addresses where BTC is stored for at least a year has grown by 22% and reached 20.3 million in June..

At the same time, bitcoin is less and less often compared with the digital analogue of gold, not only because of the high volatility, but also because of the increased correlation with the S index.&P 500. June average was 65.8%, with a maximum of 66.2% on the last day of the month.

Earlier, we also reported that the return on investment in the MTC over the past five years is 70 times higher than that of the stock markets..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock

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Turkish bank launches blockchain platform for digitalized gold transfers

Turkish Bank’s Blockchain Platform for Digital Gold Transfers Goes Live

Turkish bank Takasbank launched BiGA Digital Gold platform, which allows transfers of digital assets backed by physical gold.

Blockchain technology guarantees the safety of transactions within the system and compliance with established standards, and also confirms the presence of bullion in the vaults of the Istanbul Stock Exchange. The platform allows banks to issue, transfer and settle in digitized gold.

The digital assets used by themselves have no value, since they only confirm the transfer of the equivalent of one gram of gold.

Turkish bank launches blockchain platform for digitalized gold transfers

In addition to Takasbank, which is the central clearing house and clearing house in the country, other financial organizations, both private and state-owned, are involved in the project..

Turkey’s approval of a plan to create a national blockchain infrastructure has stepped up the development of such projects. In addition, the new development plan includes the development of a digital lyre.

Turkish bank launches blockchain platform for digitalized gold transfers

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: aa

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Scientists have invented metal structures that won’t sink

Unsinkable Metal

Researchers have created metal structures with a hydrophobic surface that repel water so well that they don’t sink even after repeated dives or punctures..

To do this, scientists, using femtesecond laser pulses, etched complex micro- and nanostructures on the surface of two aluminum plates, which hold air and prevent getting wet. Then we connected them with the treated sides inward to prevent external wear and abrasion of the water-repellent «relief».

The plates are spaced apart to trap enough air to keep the structure buoyant, effectively creating a waterproof air pocket.

According to a team of researchers from the University of Rochester, even after being immersed in water for 2 months, metal structures quickly floated to the surface after removing the load from them. The plates also retained their properties after many punctures and damage, as they continued to trap air between the remaining sectors..

However, the team found that after being immersed in water for extended periods of time, hydrophobic surfaces gradually begin to lose their hydrophobic properties..

Scientists have invented metal structures that won't sink

Scientists say that with the help of such structures it is possible to create unsinkable ships or electronic control devices that can swim in the ocean for a long time..

We also previously reported on the development of a foam metal that stops 50 caliber bullets as well as steel sheet of the same thickness, but weighs half as much..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: University of Rochester

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The Russian crypto-exchange market is losing a key player: trading on WEX (BTC-e) reached a 20% difference with other exchanges

This ONE thing Will Be The CATALYST That DRIVES BITCOIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY. Alex Mashinsky Q & A

The current situation with the WEX exchange (formerly BTC) remains unclear. We asked for a comment on the situation. Vasily Sumanova, analyst of the cryptocurrency market and the author of the article «MtGox 2.0: what is happening with the oldest Russian bitcoin exchange WEX»

— First of all, why is the WEX exchange with its antediluvian interface still popular at all??   

— The level of development of services offered to users for exchanging digital assets for fiat money is still at an early stage. The emergence of really large and iconic exchanges with large trading volumes and good liquidity had practically no effect on «pain» the average user, which is associated with a convenient exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat funds. This is due to the fact that most large exchanges either do not have trading with fiat at all (trades go to USDT), or the deposit / withdrawal of fiat is carried out by bank transfer, which is quite difficult for work (and in some cases it is extremely difficult due to the compliance of banks, most of which crypto exchanges are considered as «Red flag» for money transfers). It is this issue that has led to the formation of local exchange markets, for example, a number of crypto-exchanges targeted at clients from Russia and the CIS. These exchanges have a Russian version of the interface, technical support in Russian and, most importantly, methods of depositing / withdrawing funds, convenient and understandable for the average user..

— What is it anyway «Russian market» exchanges? Where do regional players come from in one of the most primordial global markets??

— The Russian market is represented by four exchanges, of which two are leaders (in terms of trading volume and popularity) — EXMO and WEX (BTC-e), as well as smaller yobit and btc-alpha. It is no secret that many Russian workers in the cryptoindustry often  receive payment in BTC / ETH, so methods of quick withdrawal of funds, coupled with the reliability of the exchange, are the key to choosing a client. That is why they first introduced BTC, and then other exchanges picked up «fintech innovation» — virtual exchange codes that allow you to buy or sell the internal balance of the exchange to any outside person / service, which led to the emergence of a whole market for the exchange of such codes for electronic payment systems and intrabank transfers. This was in addition to those input-output methods that were provided directly by the exchange. It is important to note that the codes have greatly simplified the procedure for buying and selling cryptoassets, becoming «hit» among individuals and cryptocurrency exchangers.

However, a few days ago with «mastodon» and the legend of the market — WEX (it was on BTC that they started trading in 2011–2012, those who came to the world of cryptocurrencies) strange events began to occur. Starting from July 4, the exchange rate on the exchange shows significant differences from the rest of the market, showing a difference of 20% at the time of this writing. The management of the exchange set huge commissions on the withdrawal of fiat funds (in USD — 15%), while exchangers quote the dollar from WEX codes 20% cheaper, which generally equalizes the ruble value of bitcoin.

— And what is the reason for such a skew in rates?

— Why is this happening and what is the reason? It’s not clear yet. However, something happened that led to a misalignment of the dollar rate within the exchange (and to the entire outside world) by 20%. I would not like to make unfounded statements, so I will limit myself to the assumption: the exchange has problems with fiat balances, perhaps this is a consequence of hacking / blocking accounts or some other reason that led to a shortage of funds. There is no difference of 20% in exchange rates out of nowhere; actually in the internal economic kitchen of WEX’a dollar fell by 20% against all currencies — BTC / ETH (and others), ruble and USDT. A similar situation happened on Mt.Gox at the end of 2013 — early 2014, just before the crash. I also personally managed to catch this situation, the course on Mt.Gox was really different (at peak moments by $ 200–300, which was just ~ 20%). So far, there seem to be no complaints about the fact that with WEX’but it is absolutely impossible to output something, but we can say unequivocally — the situation is incomprehensible, and until they figure it out, my personal decision comes down to not trading there.

— Why did you notice it and what to do for cryptocurrency users?

— To be honest, I noticed a difference in rates on WEX, since I have been a client of the exchange since 2013 and have carried out operations there for the sale of cryptoassets for fiat with further withdrawal through codes. A few days ago, I was planning to sell some bitcoins and, having logged into WEX, I discovered the difference in rates, as I wrote about a post on Facebook. After that, I thought: what else is left for the Russian user? I did not want to go to localbitcoins, since personally it seems to me a long and inconvenient way to withdraw funds, so I turned my attention to the three remaining exchanges — EXMO, Yobit, Btc-alpha. I categorically do not consider Yobit, since, in my opinion, this is an exchange with a very short-sighted listing policy, there is no quick withdrawal through codes, plus there are a number of other nuances that I would not want to discuss publicly. Btc-alpha turned out to be of little use due to the low liquidity of trading and the lack of liquidity of the codes (they are there, but there are no exchangers ready to accept them, and this is the key!).

As a result, I sold my bitcoins on EXMO, having found a similar code service there, as well as a good interface that I had already forgotten (after trading on WEX and entering other Russian exchanges) and, in general, a modern level of the product. Exchangers accept codes well, it’s a pity so far only EXMO USD, for many it would probably be convenient to withdraw in rubles through EXMO RUR. Now I transferred all operations to this exchange.

— How much EXMO paid you for a PR campaign?

The Russian crypto-exchange market is losing a key player: trading on WEX (BTC-e) reached a 20% difference with other exchanges

— You ask provocative questions, but the answer is not very interesting, to be honest, not at all. I really do not like it when someone’s opinion can be influenced by the amount of money. In my case, I did not have any more options for withdrawing my funds, since I simply did not find exchanges with liquid exchange codes (and other ways to withdraw fiat to EPS or cards). After your question, I had concerns that now the Russian crypto-exchange market may simply be monopolized. There is no other decent exchange in the Russian-speaking space, but with the specified functionality for input / output — especially. It’s time to set up a crypto-anti-monopoly service and give development grants to other players so that clients have a choice. Although at one time BTC-e was also a monopolist, and no one died from this. Although the situation with the closing of the exchange (BTC-e) in 2017 hit some traders, and the like «centralization» users on the same product may be unsafe.

Author: Olga Grinina, journalist in the field of new technologies. She works with startups and projects as a content and PR consultant. Having legal and linguistic experience, she managed to work in international companies in Moscow and Los Angeles. 

The Russian crypto-exchange market is losing a key player: trading on WEX (BTC-e) reached a 20% difference with other exchanges

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Jetpack Aviation develops Speeder jet flying motorcycle

Introducing our flying Motorcycle: THE SPEEDER

Jetpack Aviation is developing a prototype jet-powered Speeder flying motorcycle that can reach speeds of over 240 km / h.

The futuristic vehicle will not be similar to most existing helicopter concepts. The startup says the Speeder will be able to climb to an altitude of 4.5 km, but the flight time will be significantly limited, and for the standard model is about 30 minutes..

Initially, it is planned to place several jet engines in the central part of the structure, but this may complicate vehicle control and require the introduction of complex autonomous technologies. stabilization. Therefore, in the future, the design can be revised and the turbines can be moved closer to the edges of the hull..

Constructors it is said that it will take tens of millions of dollars to develop a design and take at least two years. So far, the startup has created a 1: 3 scale prototype that is testing flight stabilization systems..

Jetpack Aviation has already started taking pre-orders for the Speeder. Those wishing to become one of the first owners need to pay $ 10 thousand just to get into the queue. At the same time, the total cost of a patching motorcycle from the future will be $ 380 thousand..


The company plans to offer a variety of Speeder models, including a military version, emergency response projects and an ultralight version that can be controlled without pilot’s license. Engineers claim that although the finished product may differ from the existing concept, it will have a very similar design, size and shape..

Jetpack Aviation develops Speeder jet flying motorcycle

Flight training will take about a week, as with the jetpack. However, mastering urban management skills will take longer..

Well-known car manufacturers also began to explore the potential of flying vehicles. Audi, Airbus and Italdesign are working together on the concept of an unmanned electric vehicle that can move not only on the ground, but also in the air

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: YouTube / Jetpack Aviation

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Bitcoin is up 8%. How long did the bears hibernate?

The Problem With The 2021 Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin is up 8%. How long did the bears hibernate?

Over the past 24 hours, almost all cryptocurrencies have significantly increased in price, while bitcoin has grown by 9%, breaking the $ 3,500 threshold. Although this does not mean the market is recovering, such dynamics confirms the interest of investors in it..

In less than a day, the cryptocurrency market capitalization increased by $ 10 billion and reached $ 113.8 billion. Most of the coins grew by 10-20%. Bitcoin (BTC) has risen in price by 8%, and at the time of writing its rate is $ 3537. So far, it has successfully resisted a significant pullback. Ripple (XRP) rose 15.9% and is trading at $ 0.334, continuing to confidently hold the second position in the capitalization rating and expanding its lead over its pursuers. Ethereum (ETH) is still trying unsuccessfully to regain its former positions, but it was able to add more than 9%, and its current value is $ 94.

Bitcoin is up 8%. How long did the bears hibernate?

Weakened by a hard fork and subsequent hash rate war, bitcoin cash is still underperforming ether, and is trading at $ 90, although it added 10% per day. Of the top 30, EOS showed the largest increase of 26%, the price of which returned to level $ 2.46. Sillar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin CB added 14%, 9.5% and 4% respectively.

Analysts associate such changes with the current unstable situation in the stock markets, which encourages investors to leave classic assets in search of new highly liquid instruments. At the same time, the crypto market with clear oversold indicators is ready for a reversal and is attractive to bulls..

According to a study by Diar, institutional investors have increasingly come to the over-the-counter physical bitcoin markets lately, as traders themselves confirm. In addition to the affordable cost of a virtual asset, they have the ability to work with it without interruption. Although in advance impossible for sure determine how strong the momentum will be, but so far the increased volatility in traditional markets plays into the hands of cryptocurrency.

Facebook could become a strong player in the crypto industry, as according to Cheddar, the company is secretly developing its own payment product on the blockchain and is increasing its staff of specialists working in this direction..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: img.ihned, Shutterstock

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The Chinese made a cardboard bike helmet that protects the head as well as the traditional one

The Chinese made a cardboard bike helmet that protects the head as well as the traditional one

Researchers have developed and successfully tested a new bicycle helmet that uses honeycomb and corrugated cardboard instead of polymer foam.

Nowadays, bicycle helmets are usually made from expanded polystyrene, but due to environmental pollution, scientists around the world are trying to replace  common plastic with recyclable materials.

Crash tests conducted by a team at the Center for Injury Biomechanics and Vehicle Safety at Tianjin University of Science and Technology have shown that, when properly designed, a bicycle helmet made only of cardboard can reduce the likelihood of head injury by 63% and loss of consciousness by 86% at any the form of an accident. It is able to effectively withstand external shocks in a short period of time and has good shock-absorbing characteristics..

Such a helmet has not only a low production cost, but is also made of environmentally friendly material..

The Chinese made a cardboard bike helmet that protects the head as well as the traditional one

We also previously reported on the development of a new security application that warns a pedestrian wearing headphones about an approaching vehicle within a radius of 60 m.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: pinimg

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New camouflage material hides objects from infrared cameras

Thermal Imaging – How to use it and how to hide from it

Researchers have discovered a material with quantum properties that can mask the thermal radiation of objects, making them invisible to infrared cameras.

In recent years, scientists have developed several graphene and black silicon materials that manipulate electromagnetic radiation to hide the thermal signature. However, the new quantum material does this in a completely unique way, which contradicts intuition, but not the laws of physics..

New camouflage material hides objects from infrared cameras

A group of materials scientists from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Purdue University studied the properties of samarium nickel oxide, which, as temperature rises, transforms from an insulator into an unusual conductor. In the course of experiments, scientists found that thanks to this property, the material is able to separate temperature and thermal radiation..

When in the laboratory they heated a film of samarium nickel oxide on sapphire substrates, then, despite the actual increase in temperature, its infrared radiation remained practically unchanged. within a certain temperature range. Moreover, between 105 °C and 135 °C it barely warmed up at all.

This unusual behavior is due to the fact that when heated, its resistance changes from an insulating to a conducting state in a non-standard way, therefore, when temperature changes in the range of 30 degrees, its thermal radiation remains stable.

This feature makes it possible to use samarium nickel oxide as camouflage, hiding objects from infrared cameras, and also to create more advanced filters and optical limiters to protect sensors.

Recall that engineers recently made a new material from aluminum and carbon nanotubes that absorbs 99.96% of light and 10 times the blackest of all that was created before.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Purdue University

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Facebook, despite assurances, distributes user data

What the FTC’s Crackdown on Facebook Means for User Data | WSJ

It became known that, despite the tension that has enveloped the social network recently in connection with the information leak scandal, the Facebook team continued to share data..

Zuckerberg should be given credit — this time, an approximate circle of companies was chosen, which, apparently, have long «are friends» with Facebook. Especially for them, access to information such as phone numbers, relationships between users and other important data was opened..

Companies that have seized on the opportunity to grab a tidbit of data include global giants such as RBC Capital Markets and Nissan Motor. According to representatives of Facebook, access was opened in order to test the service and improve it..

The latest high-profile scandal related to Facebook was the disclosure of data leaks on the accounts of more than 14 million people. The information obtained was skillfully applied by the Cambridge Analytica team.

Facebook, despite assurances, distributes user data

You can learn about why the security of information storage is the most important element in the work of social networks, as well as about the nuances of the shadow side of Facebook from our material.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Getty images

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Regional authorities will oblige to respond to complaints in social networks

Language Functions | Making and Responding to Complaints

By 2019, a monitoring system will begin to operate throughout the Russian Federation «Incident management», which will monitor the reaction of regional authorities to complaints on social networks. About it reports RBC.

The project was developed by the company «Medialogy». «Incident management» is an autonomous browser-based system for responding to citizen dissatisfaction. Monitoring will be carried out by keywords in five popular social networks: Instagram, FB, VK, OK and Twitter. Testing has already begun in ten regions.

Regional authorities will oblige to respond to complaints in social networks

All analysis data is sent to the regional administrator, who determines which messages need to be answered, distributes them between structures and groups them by topic. Several comments on one topic become «incident», and the official response will be automatically redirected to all thematic posts in each of the social networks.

The system conducts continuous statistical analysis to monitor the reaction of local authorities to grievances. The data is available to both the defendants themselves and the Kremlin.

Recall that «Gazprom» beat big data theft.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: ISO Republic 

Regional authorities will oblige to respond to complaints in social networks

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Physicists began to synthesize superheavy elements of the eighth period of the periodic table

A team of Japanese nuclear physicists began experimenting with collisions between small and large atomic nuclei to synthesize new superheavy elements and discover new chemistry.

So far, scientists have managed to create all the elements in the first seven rows. – from hydrogen with one proton to oganesson, which has 118. Further research is hampered by the instability of superheavy elements due to the large number of protons. For example, the most stable isotope of nionium (113 protons) has a half-life of almost eight seconds, while for oganesson it is about 0.7 ms..

However, theorists believe that this figure may change for more massive nuclei, which will allow to obtain long-lived superheavy elements that will open up a new type of chemistry with longer reactions. To do this, scientists first need to know the repulsive force that the nuclei experience when approaching.

A team of researchers from Japan’s Institute for Physico-Chemical Research (RIKEN) said they have already begun experiments to collide small nuclei of neon, magnesium and calcium with larger atoms of curium and uranium, measuring how they scatter. Scientists estimate that the synthesis of one atom of a superactinoid will take more than three months..


Physicists began to synthesize superheavy elements of the eighth period of the periodic table

If the observed tendencies of the repulsive barrier and deformation are also valid for heavier nuclei, then the calculation of the optimal collision energy will take about a day. In the short term, the team plans to use this knowledge to create new elements. under the numbers 119 and 120. However, it will take at least a decade to discover stable isotopes of superheavy nuclei of the eighth period, since they will have unusual properties.

We also previously reported on the development of a new nuclear fusion method. using relativistic effects.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: RIKEN, Getty Images

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