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The dark side of Ethereum: why it became the favorite coin of scammers

Ethereum Biggest Opportunity (Why These Altcoins Will Explode)

Ethereum has become the most popular coin among scammers according to Kaspersky Lab reports.

In addition to exposing the dizzying earnings of scammers in the second quarter of this year, a recently published report from Kaspersky Labs showed that Ethereum has become a favorite coin for cryptocurrency scammers.

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Scientists have created a “paper” of pollen that changes shape in response to external stimuli

Class 6 Science RESPONSE TO STIMULUS – Erudex Learning App

Researchers have created a paper-like material from pollen that bends and curls in response to changing environmental conditions.

Currently, many sensors and actuators based on artificial synthetic materials have been developed, but they have a rather high cost and are not environmentally friendly.

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