Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

WiFi (Wireless) Password Security – WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA3, WPS Explained

Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed a new security protocol called WPA3, which will strengthen the security of the connection and enable communication with smart gadgets without a screen. About it informs online edition «Actual news». 

According to the developers, the new standard takes into account all the modern realities of the digital world, and the device will provide users with a secure work even with a weak password. Added WPA-SAE algorithm, which improves connection security when third-party attempts to select the desired code sequence. Companies can use 192-bit encryption to securely transfer financial or other sensitive information. Additionally, it is possible to connect smart gadgets without a screen using the Easy Connect function.

Updated Wi-Fi security protocol

The process of transitioning to the new protocol will be gradual, and it will become mandatory only after sufficient dissemination. The existing standard has been in effect for 14 years and is outdated. Major manufacturers such as Philips, HP, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Huawei have announced protocol support.

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Unsplash

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