Jetpack Aviation develops Speeder jet flying motorcycle

Introducing our flying Motorcycle: THE SPEEDER

Jetpack Aviation is developing a prototype jet-powered Speeder flying motorcycle that can reach speeds of over 240 km / h.

The futuristic vehicle will not be similar to most existing helicopter concepts. The startup says the Speeder will be able to climb to an altitude of 4.5 km, but the flight time will be significantly limited, and for the standard model is about 30 minutes..

Initially, it is planned to place several jet engines in the central part of the structure, but this may complicate vehicle control and require the introduction of complex autonomous technologies. stabilization. Therefore, in the future, the design can be revised and the turbines can be moved closer to the edges of the hull..

Constructors it is said that it will take tens of millions of dollars to develop a design and take at least two years. So far, the startup has created a 1: 3 scale prototype that is testing flight stabilization systems..

Jetpack Aviation has already started taking pre-orders for the Speeder. Those wishing to become one of the first owners need to pay $ 10 thousand just to get into the queue. At the same time, the total cost of a patching motorcycle from the future will be $ 380 thousand..


The company plans to offer a variety of Speeder models, including a military version, emergency response projects and an ultralight version that can be controlled without pilot’s license. Engineers claim that although the finished product may differ from the existing concept, it will have a very similar design, size and shape..

Jetpack Aviation develops Speeder jet flying motorcycle

Flight training will take about a week, as with the jetpack. However, mastering urban management skills will take longer..

Well-known car manufacturers also began to explore the potential of flying vehicles. Audi, Airbus and Italdesign are working together on the concept of an unmanned electric vehicle that can move not only on the ground, but also in the air

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: YouTube / Jetpack Aviation

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