Xiaomi has become an American brand

Xiaomi “banned” in the US?! [xiaomify]

Xiaomi has become an American brand

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi registers new brand POCOPHONE in the USA.

Due to the increasing cases of mistrust in the Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi decided to rebrand and register a new trademark in the US, EU and other regions. By the end of this year, it is planned to start producing POCOPHONE smartphones. However, apart from the name, in fact, nothing will change, since the production facilities will continue to be located in China..

Gadgets with the Xiaomi logo may disappear completely or they will be made only for the domestic market. The appearance of the new brand is still unknown, but the first samples have already begun to be released. It is expected that in the coming year the company will completely switch to the production of American smartphones made in China..

Recall that ended a seven-year legal battle between Samsung and Apple.

Xiaomi has become an American brand

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Bloomberg 

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