Ripple urges South Korean authorities to weaken laws

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In an attempt to create a more friendly environment for cryptocurrencies in South Korea, the vice president of Ripple approached the country’s authorities. He insists on weakening the regulation. This was reported by the Korea Times

Ripple urges South Korean authorities to weaken laws

Eric van Miltenburg also noted that the attitude towards the new financial instrument should become much more friendly. Such the decision could be victorious for the country, as it promotes economic development, allowing South Korea to claim the title of superpower.

Additionally, in his speech, Miltenburg drew attention to the following problem: most countries focus exclusively on the negative component of the introduction of cryptocurrencies. As a reinforcement of this argument, he recalled the attitude of society and government to the phenomenon of the Internet at the dawn of its appearance: those who were the first to see an undeniable prospect caught the wave of success. Miltenburg advised the government of South Korea, which is undoubtedly one of the leading countries playing an important role in the development of blockchain projects, to focus on the positive emanating from cryptocurrencies..

Ripple urges South Korean authorities to weaken laws

Earlier, we wrote about the intentions of the South Korean authorities to make concessions in the area of ​​ICO regulation, which were banned in the country last fall.. 

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Unspash

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