Reasons for growth contrary to the general trend: Ripple (XRP), NEM, Bitcoin Cash

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Despite the downward market dynamics, positive news and investor expectations helped Ripple (XRP), NEM and Bitcoin Cash not only resist the decline, but also achieve a significant increase in the rate over the past 24 hours..

In 24 hours, Ripple (XRP) gained 2.1% and is trading at $ 0.522 at the time of writing. The digital asset is again approaching the second position in the ranking in terms of total market capitalization. The reason for the traders’ support was the news that the largest Japanese financial holding Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group will use XRP in its new international payment service in Brazil. Also influenced by the transfer to the federal level of the litigation, in which the Ripple company proves to the US government that its cryptocurrencies are not securities..

Yesterday’s and Today’s NEM Races related to the fact that the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck began trading the coin again after a 10-month hiatus. The end of support was triggered by the January theft of $ 534 million worth of non-coin. Exchange officials say they have significantly increased the level of security to ensure reliable protection of clients’ assets. A return to the temporarily lost market and promises from Coincheck helped NEM gain more than 23% in 2 days and 7.2% in the last 24 hours. Currently hovering around $ 0.113.

In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the current rally is driven by support from Asian investors who expect the combined value of future Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV coins to be higher than the current BCH price following the controversial November 15 hard fork. After a sharp jump last week, the cryptocurrency has followed the general market trend over the past few days, but the approaching update has led to an increase in trading volumes and a 1% increase in the rate to $ 536. Experts believe that this is a risky strategy, but it can pay off due to the high interest of the market in future virtual currencies..

Reasons for growth contrary to the general trend: Ripple (XRP), NEM, Bitcoin Cash

Binance recently announced the creation of a research unit that will provide reports to help investors and traders better assess the value of virtual currencies..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: 2.bp.blogspot, inetwmr

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