NASA will begin colonizing the moon in 2026

Will NASA Colonize The Moon In 2024?

The NASA administration said that after the creation of the station in the orbit of the moon, it plans to switch to the construction of residential complexes on the surface and the colonization of the satellite..

After the US signed the space policy directive last year, NASA has resumed work on lunar programs. The first involves the withdrawal of a spacecraft «Orion» into the orbit of an earth satellite, the equipment for which is to be sent in 2022. It is planned that the astronauts will fly around the long orbit of the moon and arrive at a pre-prepared station with residential modules Gateway. Further, the station should become a platform for landings to the surface.

NASA’s Bill Gerstenmeier says they will not stop there and plan to start building permanent facilities on the moon by about 2026 to conduct research and create infrastructure for further colonization. The agency also wants to use the future base to launch and supply missions to Mars and deep space..

NASA will begin colonizing the moon in 2026

Despite the fact that the United States has gradually reduced the share of the budget for funding NASA (from 4% to 0.5%), agency officials say that this will be enough to launch the first components of the Gateway. However, they hope that the government’s desire to overtake China and India will help gain support not only from the state, but also from the private sector..

Meanwhile, Roskosmos will develop the Internet of Things. 

NASA will begin colonizing the moon in 2026

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

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