IBM blockchain system will help AR users avoid unwanted locations

IBM and Seagate Launch Blockchain Based System to Fight Counterfeit Hard Drives

IBM patents a blockchain-based system to help people using augmented reality avoid physically moving to unwanted locations.

The application said the Big Blue system will discourage users from visiting high-risk, culturally sensitive and property-sensitive areas. The development is aimed at improving the actual use of AR in the physical space, increasing the level of trust, and preventing potential conflicts..

The risk is that attackers can deliberately mislead people or falsify location data. Using blockchain, Big Blue will be able to check locations, send alerts and display unwanted space on a mobile device..

The system will also include a neural network that will analyze the risk of interaction and enter data into a distributed ledger. To do this, it will process user movement patterns, incident messages, complaints, and more. The results obtained will be classified according to the levels of potential risk.

IBM blockchain system will help AR users avoid unwanted locations

IBM appreciates the potential of the technology, as it currently leads in the number of patent applications filed, competing only with Alibaba. The company plans to present solutions for logistics, the Internet of things, hardware and other areas.

On the creation of a blockchain system for augmented reality will take time, which is also necessary for Ethereum developers to implement the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap presented by Vitalik Buterin.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: catsmob

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