Facebook, despite assurances, distributes user data

What the FTC’s Crackdown on Facebook Means for User Data | WSJ

It became known that, despite the tension that has enveloped the social network recently in connection with the information leak scandal, the Facebook team continued to share data..

Zuckerberg should be given credit — this time, an approximate circle of companies was chosen, which, apparently, have long «are friends» with Facebook. Especially for them, access to information such as phone numbers, relationships between users and other important data was opened..

Companies that have seized on the opportunity to grab a tidbit of data include global giants such as RBC Capital Markets and Nissan Motor. According to representatives of Facebook, access was opened in order to test the service and improve it..

The latest high-profile scandal related to Facebook was the disclosure of data leaks on the accounts of more than 14 million people. The information obtained was skillfully applied by the Cambridge Analytica team.

Facebook, despite assurances, distributes user data

You can learn about why the security of information storage is the most important element in the work of social networks, as well as about the nuances of the shadow side of Facebook from our material.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Getty images

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