Elon Musk explained why humanity should go beyond the Earth

Elon Musk believes that humanity must become a space civilization in order to carry «light of knowledge» and life to other planets, and perhaps find other forms of it.

With these words, he commented on an article on the study of the Fermi paradox, published by the Institute for the Future of Humanity at the University of Oxford. It says that, with a high probability, there is more intelligent life in the Universe, but there is no evidence of its existence. Researchers used Drake’s equation and determined that the chance of other life forms in our galaxy alone is about 70%. According to Elon Musk, he founded SpaceX so that people can populate Mars, which should only become a starting point for future expansion. The company previously detailed a methane fueling system for BFR missiles on the red planet to create «multiplanetary life». The first SpaceX spaceships with materials are to be sent to Mars in 2022, and in another two years, four ships are planned to be launched, two of which will carry people..

Elon Musk also wrote that if we are really alone, then this is an additional impetus for the spread of life beyond the Earth. Adding that it would be surprising to meet an alien civilization if it wasn’t for their invasion fleet.

Recall that St. Petersburg graduate students have created a solar car.

Elon Musk explained why humanity should go beyond the Earth

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty images

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