Development of a new type of space engine began

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Dr. Mike McCulloch received $ 1.3 million in funding to create a new type of motor based on quantum inertia, which suggests that light can be converted into thrust..

The theory is based on differences in the intensity of particles and waves (Unruh radiation) generated around the object in space. The effect is similar to how a sea vessel can move away from the dock due to the waves carrying it away. Potentially, this technology will allow you to move in space without any fuel, because in fact the electromagnetic field and the interaction of matter with light will themselves create thrust.

Agency DARPA has allocated $ 1.3 million for the creation of a prototype. It is planned to bring the idea to life in 4 years. In the first 18 months, the research team must develop a predictive theoretical model based on the quantum inertia model. Further tests of operability and performance indicators will be carried out in Germany and Spain. Technology could potentially open up the possibility of travel beyond the solar system.

Even using existing engines, SpaceX plans to start sending ships to Mars from 2022, and the company’s chief engineer  already talked about the details of creating Martian cities.

Development of a new type of space engine began

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Pixabay

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