Daily Bitcoin Transaction Count Rises To January 2018 Level

According to the analytical site transactionfee.info, the daily number of Bitcoin transactions (BTC) has reached the level of January 2018, which indicates the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem..

The number of transfers returned to the indicators of the period when the market was still hype after reaching the rate of $ 20 thousand. The reason for this is the implementation of various network improvements by Bitcoin Core. The introduction of SegWit, improved algorithms and batch processing of transactions helped to more efficiently use block space, reduce competition for this resource, which led to a decrease in waiting time and commission.

Daily Bitcoin Transaction Count Rises To January 2018 Level

In 2018, the share of bitcoin transfers made with SegWit increased from about 10% to 40%. At the same time, the average transaction volume did not exceed 750 bytes (in February), and by the end of the year dropped to 450. During this period, BTC also regained its dominant position in the market. At the moment, it again accounts for more than 50% of the total capitalization after a decrease in the indicator to 32.5%.

The number of active nodes has only slightly decreased over this period, which indicates that managers remain committed to cryptocurrency or are used to extract economic benefits..

Other metrics for the digital gold network have also improved in recent years. According to research Canaccord Genuity Group, Bitcoin decentralization has intensified and continues to grow over the past five years.

Daily Bitcoin Transaction Count Rises To January 2018 Level

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty Images, graphic: transactionfee.info

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