Bills on digital assets and crowdfunding are recognized as a priority for the State Duma

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Bills on digital assets and crowdfunding are recognized as a priority for the State Duma

ANO Supervisory Board «Digital economy» classified bills related to digital assets, smart contracts, crowdfunding, electronic notaries, to the list of priorities and requiring approval by the State Duma in the near future.

Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov said that this package must be approved during the current session or at the beginning of the spring one. He also called the bills on electronic signatures and archives no less important, therefore, after the final approvals, active work will begin with the State Duma for their adoption in early 2019..

In the discussion of the program «Digital economy» not only representatives of government departments, but also business representatives took part. They came to the conclusion that the formation of clear rules in this area will allow creating new ways of investment, while simultaneously increasing the transparency of transactions and protecting the rights of the parties, will reduce costs and reduce the time for approving documents and agreements, as well as get rid of paper media to confirm rights and automate execution of contracts.

Regarding the regulation of electronic records management, it was decided to continue consideration of this issue in separate pilot projects. Many countries have begun to accelerate the legal harmonization process in the field of the digital economy, after the heads of the G20 countries called for this at the recent summit.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: itd1.mycdn, static.kremlin

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