A register of cryptoinvestors will be created in Russia

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rRepresentatives of financial departments talk about the fact that work is now underway to create an official Russian register of cryptoinvestors, which will help fight fraud and money laundering..

Certification and listing will allow qualified participants to safely invest in ICOs. To do this, you will need to open an internal crypto wallet, which will be tied to personal and biometric data, which will exclude anonymity in this area..

The project will be administered by the Central Bank and the RF Ministry of Finance. The authorities believe that identification is necessary to increase transparency and reduce scam. Olga Prokhorova, an expert at the International Financial Center, said that in 2017, Russian IPOs raised $ 300 million, but most of them were appropriated by fraudsters..

A register of cryptoinvestors will be created in Russia

Recall that in the first quarter of this year alone, ICOs all over the world raised more funds than in the entire last year. At the same time, RACIB claims that in the Russian Federation already 2 million people are investing in digital currency, and in a year their number is expected to increase to 3 million.

However, the innovation does not prohibit the creation of a third-party digital wallet for virtual currency and the use of it for transactions. Therefore, the registry will only be able to control the activities of crypto investors within the system. This means that the conduct of operations on trading exchanges and outside the zone of influence of the list will not change, but, most likely, without registration, investors will not be able to participate in the ICO.

Some believe that the creation of such a registry is premature and crypto investors are not sufficiently motivated to voluntarily certify, as they do not know the benefits of having a qualification..

The press service of the Ministry of Finance of Russia BitCryptoNews replied that the development of the register of cryptoinvestors — private initiative, accordingly, the work on its creation does not belong to the sphere of state structure regulation. Although they said that they did not take part in the development, they confirmed the fact of the creation of the registry itself, and also did not deny their participation in the future administration of the project.

As a reminder, experts were ambiguous about the bill on the circulation of digital rights..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Pexels

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